Build a Zomato clone with Direxact

See why Direxact is the best choice to help you launch a food delivery business similar to Zomato.

Direxact has the features you need to launch your own business similar to Zomato

With Direxact, you can start building your own platform and launch in a matter of days. No lengthy setup or large upfront investment.

Direxact is affordable

We believe everyone should be able to launch their businesses without going bankrupt, and our prices prove it. We charge a flat, one-time fee for our templates, no commissions, no recurring fees, and no equity.

The features you want in an Zomato clone

We spent hundreds of hours designing and developing amazing features to ensure you get the best Zomato clone available in the market.

Cart and ordering system

In app notifications

Restaurants and delivery driver dashboards

Ratings and Reviews

Referral Program

Social Logins (Facebook and Google)

Integration with HubSpot, Segment, and Stripe

We offer many ways to generate revenue

The Direxact template comes bundled with everything you need for a successful business venture. Here are some ways you can monetize your business built using Direxact.

Transaction and convenience fees

Direxact allows you to charge transaction fees, also known as convenience fees to every transaction processed in your platform. 

Still undecided? Test our full version and decide for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we understand it's a big step to take, let us answer those.


Can I really build a food delivery platform with Direxact?

I'll be honest with you, it depends. We offer most of the features available in most food delivery platforms but there are some features like delivery tracking we don't have available yet. If you're ok waiting for that feature, then yes, we're a more powerful version to build a food delivery platform..

Can I add more features to Direxact on my own?

Absolutely, you can either hire us, hire someone else or do it yourself. Adding new features to Direxact works similar to working in any other Bubble project.

Can I host Direxact in a hosting different than Bubble?

No, as of right now we only offer the Bubble version for Direxact. We're planning to add other versions in the near future but they're not available yet.

Can I export the Direxact template code?

No, you can't export the code as this is one of Bubble's limitations.


What is the cost of Direxact?

Direxact costs a $79 one time fee. In addition, you must host this template on which requires a monthly fee for hosting.

Do you provide installation and further development services?

Yes, we do offer those services at an additional charge. If you would like to explore the costs get in contact with us at

Do I need paid plugins to use Direxact?

From time to time we use paid plugins to enhance the experience or add really advanced features to our templates. As of today, we haven't used any paid plugins in Direxact yet.

Where can I buy this template?

You can buy this template in the Bubble marketplace. You can go here to get it.